I have super exciting news - I have been accepted and approved to vend at my first artist alley!! It's a dream come true and something I've wanted to be able to do for so long. I am so freaking thrilled this dream of mine is finally coming true!! I'll be at Fan Expo Philadelphia April 8th - 10th selling lots of cute Strawbunny & Friends merch, and I'll be debuting my new holographic prints there as well! I am absolutely thrilled and excited beyond words. It's a little daunting that a convention of this size will be my first Artist Alley experience, but I'm also so honored to have been chosen!
I've been going to anime/comic conventions for YEARS. Many, many years. I always would go to the artist alley and yearn to be able to have my own table set-up at one someday, and that someday has finally arrived!!
There will be comic artists for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more there at the Artist Alley as well, and to be vending alongside big name comic artists like that is truly a dream come true.

My shop will be closed temporarily for that weekend that I'll be vending at the Fan Expo Philly as to be able to keep better track of my inventory/stock. I'll be sending an email out as well to those who are subscribed to my Happy Mail to discuss all of this in further detail this week!

My table will be at A145, in case you were going and wanted to stop by my table! If you're going and would like to put in an order for pick-up, I can absolutely do that as well, just shoot me a message and we can arrange that ♡

It's thanks to the support of my family, friends, and you all that I was able to build my way up to vending at such a huge convention. I am eternally grateful. This is only the beginning!!

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