What do you use to ship your products?
I am proud to say I have been able to make the switch to completely recyclable materials to ship my products with. My mailers are made of noissue recyclable mailers and mailing bags. This change will NOT be reflected in the price of shipping cost.

How do you come up with your shipping charge?
Included in the shipping cost is: the cost to ship via USPS as well as the cost of materials to ship your item.
If you are international, it will be more expensive as I am located in the US, and international shipping from US to international countries is very pricey, unfortunately. There is nothing I can do about shipping costs for international.

Why is my order taking so long to be shipped?
Orders take a little longer to be shipped, generally, from small shops due to the fact that usually the owner of the shop takes care of everything themselves. This is the case for me as well; I restock, package, design, takes pictures of the products, communicate, make sure everything is in order all by myself for my shop. There is only myself working on my shop and for my shop, therefore unfortunately shipping times are typically a little longer. I also want to avoid rushing to send anyone their items to make sure your product is up-to-par and is perfect for you when it arrives! <3

I received my tracking number from you, but why is my tracking not updating?
Please give your tracking number a couple of days to update - I usually make up the shipping label before dropping it off at the post office, so please make sure to wait a couple of days if you do not see your tracking updating.

Why does my charm/keychain look cloudy?
There is a film on all of the charms/keychains to protect the design from being scratched. Please make sure you remove the protective film from your charm/keychain <3

My package got lost - what do I do?
If your package gets lost, please let me know and I will be happy to  contact USPS to file a lost package claim. In this case, if it is found, it will be sent to you. However, if it is deemed lost by USPS, insurance will supplied by USPS and sent right to you.

StrawbunnyCake Loyalty Club..what is that? 
Starting June 8th, any order placed on my shop will automatically enter you into a StrawbunnyCake Loyalty Club Program! Basically, every time you spend $50 or more at my shop (excluding shipping charges) you will receive a free gift and coupon with your next order with me! The $50 you spend can be made in one order, 2 orders, 5 orders, does not matter! Once you reach $50 spent on my shop, you will receive a free gift and coupon with your order marking $50, and can be spent at my shop for your next order placed with StrawbunnyCake!

~ If you have any further questions not answered here, please email me at strawbunnycakeshop@gmail.com ~