Overwhelmed with LOVE

Thank you to everybun who backed and shared my Honeybun Kickstarter because I'm happy to announce that Honeybun plushie is officially HAPPENING. Not only did this help make Honeybun plushie a reality, but this means so much for the shop here! Thanks to everybun's love, support, and generosity, I am able to expand my shop to add some really exciting things!

In case you missed it, some things that I'm working on are:

  • acrylic standee swings
  • shaker charms
  • lollipop and other candy charms
  • notebooks

I am so grateful and overwhelmed with joy and love and gratitude that so many folks believe in my shop, my work, my art, my characters. It's an indescribable feeling and I cannot thank you all enough.

As a big thank you, I also rolled out the Strawbunny Loyalty Club today! If you order from my shop anytime today and onward, you are automatically entered, and for every $50 spent you'll receive a coupon and free gift with the order marking $50! You can read more about it in my FAQ page!

Thank you everybun as always for all of the love and support. I really cherish you all.

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